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December 13 2011

memesplaining gender - E01 & E02 in one f*king image
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Gender4Nerds S01E02 “oh noez... even more?”
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December 12 2011

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memesplain ALL the things!
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i give you four reasons:
1. its importet from tumblr
2. accessibility
3. searchable keywords
4. links to more detailed information

and for the UTF8... well, its 2011 :D

but i get your point.
i dont know how convenient it would be if i post each part twice (one auto with - and one manual without text)
i would do that if you think there are more ppl who have the same problem with the text

(sry for bad english and whatever, i'm no native and a bit confused atm :3)

December 11 2011

me too, i planned to use this as an example for male-by-default-sexism later. until then i try to use existing memes since i'm trying to show ppl who dont know anything about this what it means. but i'm open to criticism and suggestions or ragefaces :3 if you got the paint skills ^^
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Gender4Nerds S01E01 “WTF is GENDER anyway?”

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

well, you know there is a biological sex

like female, male and all thats in between.

this biological sex is all about your bodyparts,

like whats in your pants or dress


but then there is a social ‘sex’,

like how you see yourself,

to wich (social)role or stereotype you can relate more.

this is called GENDER*!

(*well, roughly. actually its a bit more complex, but you get the idea)

┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

(and if you say ‘wohoo, but thats the same for me’, wait for a second, it mayBE the same FOR YOU, but there are more people than just you.

if your biological sex fits your gender identity thats called cisgender)

if you wanna know more, why not (V) (;„;) (V) zoidb… wait, i mean wikipedia

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learn ALL the things about gender

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